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There's always beauty on the other side of fear 


Adventurer | Artist | Author | Filmmaker 


I'm Alessandra, you can call me Ale!

Curiosity is my guide.  I believe that on the other side of fear is something beautiful - a growing, enriching experience. I don't believe in

"Follow your Passion" but I believe in "Follow Your Curiosity" and enjoying the process along the way. Curiosity allows us to try new things and discover new interests along the way whilst enjoying the present moment. I don't believe there is "one true calling in life" but that there is also Purpose right here where we are: in how we serve and treat others, community, love and connection. 

I'm looking forward to continuing on the unknown road, unlearning and relearning.

Join me..!


THE BIG BOOK OF YES is a collaboration of 17 wonderful people, Editor Jon Doolan and two very talented designers. This book is packed with 17 short incredible stories of adventure alongside inspirational stories of life changing decisions. I had the pleasure of writing Chapter 9 and sharing one of my out of comfort zone stories.

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