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April 2015


After facing a few near-death experiences commuting on my bicycle in London, I traveled to Copenhagen to experience the world's best bicycle friendly city. What a difference! I decided to rent a bicycle and experience Copenhagen like a local. I had no idea where I was going which was the fun part because it felt so safe anyway. I cycled and cycled, cycling paths everywhere. Even the beach had a very lovely path. Wow, freedom.

I ended up in a very neat cycling path that took me through a bridge built just for bicycles known as the Cykelslangen(Cycle Snake). What a joy, I was in a bicycle world, traffic free zone. Bicycles here, there, everywhere. Families on bicycles, kids on bicycles, parents taking their kids on wagons attached on their bicycles. What's not to love? A cycling nation built on freedom.

The bicycle infrastructure in Copenhagen is remarkable. In Copenhagen, they have 1) the traffic lane, 2) the bicycle lane(few inches higher above street level) and 3) the pedestrian sidewalk. Genius! I wish we had these in London. I did not have to worry about cars coming after me and getting hit by the bus or lorries. Well done, Copenhagen. Interesting how the way a city is built really contributes to the mood and safety of the people.

Enough about bicycles? Ok! Experienced Copenhagen on a boat too which was another fresh prespective. Probably would have missed some nice sights without it. 

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