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October 2015


An epic road trip all around Iceland turned out to be an adventure of a lifetime. The most scenic road trip I have ever done and experienced so much beauty this country has to offer. Driving the ring road past numerous waterfalls, geysers, natural lagoons, blue icebergs, glaciers, rivers, bubbling geothermal springs, sparkling rainbows, black lava beaches, volcanic craters, the magical Northern Lights - some amazing natural wonders all around. The scenery would change drastically after just half a day of driving - from towering mountains with a massive sun shining behind, stone cliffs, the East Fjords, countryside with tons of horses, from driving to what felt like heaven - heavy snow covering all roads and mountains, so white that it felt magical. Saw so many different kinds of waterfalls including: Gulfoss, Seljalandsfoss, Foss a Sidu, Dettifoss, and my favorite - Goðafoss. Some lovely towns along the way, sometimes so quiet that it felt like we were the only humans there.


You hear a lot about the Greek Islands but Greece has so much more beauty to offer on the other sides too. Not to mention, tons of history. Stretches of mountains, forests, and lakes. I'm talking about awe-inspiring lands where you can do pretty much any activity of your choice - hike, climb, swim, or just sit at one with nature. 

Mount Olympus is an iconic mountain to climb standing tall for its great mythological importance - for its location and indreible history. Rising from straight from the Aegean Sea to a height of 2,917 m. A very scenic hike all the way to the top. As seen in myths, the gods would come together on the highest summit, Mytikas, to determine the fate of the mortals they ruled. I have to say, above all the clouds, and surrounded by vast lands, I definitely felt like I was in heaven up there, a different world.

And I loved it. 

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