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May 2016


Norway is one of those places you'll want to keep coming back to. It is undoubetely one of the most beautiful countries I've visited and I only covered a very small percentage of it. Norway's fjords are natural wonders that will keep you exploring. The lakes are so still that you see a perfect mirrored reflection of the mountains which almost feels like there's no water, instead everything is floating in the sky which adds to the magic. You see mountains and rolling mountains, and fjords, and waterfalls, and beautiful houses with turf grass roofs.


There's so many different ways to explore Norway. I usually like to view places from different perspectives. For Preikestolen, also known as the Pulpit Rock, I hiked to the top very early in the morning around 6-7 a.m to avoid crowds which worked out great. There was only about 5 people up there once I reached the top. The quietness and beauty of it all was incredible. About 2 hours later, a herd of other tourists rolled in which really took away from the quiet experience, so if you wish to take in the view peacefully, the earlier the better!


If you have the chance, definitely drive through the fjords as well. We drove from Stavanger to the start point of the Kjeragbolten hike which left me speechless. You see so much more just driving around Norway! I felt like I was in a scene from a fantasy movie. The only word coming out of my mouth was "Wow..." 

A boat tour with Rødne Fjord Cruise is a completely different perspective to see the fjords and Pulpit Rock from below. A beautiful boat ride all along the fjords and through little gems was also a beautiful experience. Definitely another great to explore Norway and learn about its history.

I usually like to see the beauty from above, one through it, and one from below . And these three ways worked out great. 

Norway is expensive but if you learn to budget, you'll be just fine! 


If you love the mountains, lakes, tranquility, extreme nature, Norway is for you. 

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