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August 2015


Croatia..the lovely Dalmatian Coast and the pearl of the Adriatic. We started off in Split - Plitvice Lakes - Hvar and finally, Dubrovnik. Definitely a paradise.

Starting off with an amazing jump in the Mediterranean Sea - the swim was so refreshing I almost felt home again. Floating under the boiling sun and refreshing waters was such a pleasant experience. The coastal mountains reminded me of California. The countryside reminded me of Italy. I did not expect to see so many mountains in the horizon but on the way to Plitvice Lakes, it was definitely the scenic route.

But the sky, the sky was so bright and perfect that not a single cloud existed in the Croatian sky. Every morning I woke up, it was a full bright sun in the center of the pale, blue perfect horizon. I hadn't seen such a perfect sky for 7 days straight. Clouds did not exist for a week, just the sun to say hello and a beautiful harvest moon to say goodnight.

The lakes at Plitvice Lakes is so clear that you could see hundreds of fishes swimming as if they were under a glass. So bright blue, crytal clear giving off perfect reflections. I loved hearing the sound of the waterfalls again - one of my favorite sounds. 


Dubrovnik - turned out to be one of my favorite cities. Walking the Ancient City Walls in the Old Town was such a new, amazing experience for me. A different perspective looking ahead at at the ancient forts, towers, houses after houses.
The Old Town is spectacular and a wonderful walk especially in the evenings where it started to cool down. Very lovely narrow allie ways to walk through.


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