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September 2015


Three years ago, I promised Switzerland I would come back for a visit. I kept my promise and flew back there and remembered how much moving there impacted my life and how much I have grown since then. The year I left my comfort zone has been an incredible journey and every moment has been worth it. We flew over to Geneva and took a bus to Charmonix - a beautiful French town. 

I wanted to say hello to Mont Blanc, the highest peak in the Alps and Western Europe. I was tempted to climb it but I wasn't ready yet. We took a couple cable cars to Aiguille du Midi and had a spectacular view of Mont Blanc and beyond. At almost 13,000 feet, I was hanging out with the clouds and these amazing tall mountains. When I looked down, a massive cloud soared upwards towards me until I was covered in it. For a moment, I was flying.


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